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Why Choose us?

  • Latest Technology.  Cutting-edge Dental CBCT (Cat scan) with the most advanced dental implant planning software to ensure the safest and most accurate surgery.  Laser to help treat and and sterilize gums. Utilize latest materials and technique to achieve predictable results.
  • Most skilled doctor. After deciding that dental implants are the right decision for you, choosing the right doctor is your most important decision. The surgeon's training, skill, and experience should be taken into account before committing to any procedure.  
  • Commitment to excellence. Our team is committed to both our profession and to our patients. If you seek the very best that dental implants have to offer, look no further.  We truly listen to our patients and do all we can in order to achieve the smile of your dreams.

           Charlie Chen DDS FADIA

          Charlie Chen DDS FADIA

Dr.Chen is extremely qualified.

Dr.Charlie Chen has extensive experience in surgical and restorative implant dentistry with emphasis on complex full mouth dental implant reconstructions. He has received fellowship in dental implant training in the prestigious NYU School of Dentistry. He is also the past dental implant clinical professor in Long Island College Hospital. 

He has obtained fellowship status in the prestigious American Dental Implant Association.  

Dr.Chen has performed over 12,000 dental implants procedures and has pioneer new dental implant technique in which he teaches dentists across the world.  Dr.Chen emphasizes immediate loaded full arch all-on-8 dental implant procedure where he pioneered many new techniques so patient can obtain same day fixed temporary restorations.

Steps to become one of our satisfied dental implant patient

1.  Simply walk in (No appointment necessary for the first visit)  to our implant center at 5321 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220 for a complimentary consultation.  Dr.Chen will be at the center at Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - from 10am to 6pm.  
 At the first appointment, a 3D catscan / CBCT (also complimentary) of your mouth will be taken Dr.Chen will personally meet with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.   Dr.Chen will formulate a best plan that will meet your goals and discuss the plan in detail.

Many times, Dr.Chen can accommodate patients who are willing to start treatment the same day. 

2. If you have any questions, you may email (including x-rays) Dr.Chen directly at bj90688@yahoo.com.  Dr.Chen will do his best to answer all your questions.

All-on-8 Implant solution provides a stable, titanium reinforced bridge for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth in just 1 visit.  This procedure is best for patients currently in complete set of dentures, or with significant dental problems where teeth loss is imminent.  The All-on-8 implant procedure consists of placing 8 dental implant and placement of a stable fixed zirconia restoration where patient can smile and eat their favorite food on the same day after surgery!


Using advanced technologies including CBCT, 3D scanners, dental implant planning softwares and talented technicians. We are able to plan the ideal outcome for our patients.




We take great care in providing restorations which not only functions but also look and feel like natural teeth. 



Combining experience of more than 12000 implant procedures and the latest minimally invasive dental implant surgical techniques, we are able to give patients implants, even if they have been told "no" by other dentists.


We strive to go "above & beyond" for our patients. We have patients from all around the world. Our advance procedures produces consistent and lasting results for thousands of happy patients.

Our services

  • All dental implant related procedures. Single dental implants, multiple dental implants,  all-on-six dental implants,  all-on-seven dental implants, all-on-eight dental implants. All dental implant cosmetic restorative work.  All dental implant related bone grafting include ridge augmentations, sinus lifts bone grafts, and gum grafts.  Rescuing or redo of other fail or failing dental implants done by other offices.
  • All dental extractions including wisdom teeth.
  • Cosmetics - bonding, veneers, all ceramic crowns to achieve optimal esthetic result.
  • General dentistry - fillings, root canals, cleanings, gum scaling and root plannings, laser gum surgeries.


Traditional Dentures

Traditional Dentures

Traditional Dentures 

This is the oldest technique. Bulky palate, messy adhesives, requires multiple adjustments.  Traditional dentures end to get loose as bone resorbs without teeth or dental implants over the years. Typically functions 5-20% of the natural teeth.  Typical cost around $500-$2000


Snap-in Denture

Snap-in Denture


Snap-in Dentures

Also known as implant overdentures.  Similar to traditional dentures but more stable. Bulky.  Removable and need to remove every night.  Typically require 2 to 6 dental implants. The snaps require replacement every 1-3 years and acrylic dentures would also require much maintenance as denture base frequently fractures and denture teeth frequently break off. Typically cost around $3000 - $10,000






All-on-four on denture teeth

All-on-four on denture teeth

All-on-4 implant solution

This method has recently gotten lots of publicity.  All on four was invented as a more economical solution for patients missing their teeth.  Many times, the surgeon need to remove additional bone because extra space is required to fabricate the pink base which can be traumatic to the patient. Typically this procedure frequently uses denture teeth which can break easily.  The restoration is usually done by a way of "hybrid" bridge which can have big compromise in function such as food getting stuck under the bridge. Patient are usually unable to eat the hard food because of potential weak strength on the four dental implants.  If one of the four dental implants breaks from excessive force, this can lead to collapse of the entire restorations.  Our dental office, as well as many well known dental implant experts in the field, are moving away from this type of treatments.

Typical cost around $12,000-$25,000



All-on-8 Implants

All-on-8 Implants

Porcelain (full zirconia) teeth used on all-on-8 implants

Porcelain (full zirconia) teeth used on all-on-8 implants

All-on-8 implant solution 

This is considered the "Mercedes of teeth replacement".  It is the best  way to replacing teeth.  Having 8 dental implants equally spread out over the arch will equally disperse the chewing force.  This is the most natural and most functional way of replacing missing full arch of teeth.  Eight dental implants may seem like alot, but it is actually less invasive because surgeons do not need to remove additional bone like the All-on-4 procedures frequently requires.

 At 3D Dental Implant Center, we like to offer patients the very best and we specialize in this type of treatment where we usually place 8 dental implant and give patients full set of fixed temporary teeth at the same visit (immediate loading).  Most of our patients who had this procedure done feels minimal pain and did not have to take any painkillers the very next day.    From $18,000

Typical All-on-8 procedure time frame

1. First complimentary visit for evaluation of patients medical and dental history. CBCT is taken to evaluate bone height and volume. Thorough patient discussion regarding expectations, time frame, procedural process, and schedule for surgery. 

2. Surgery scheduled for the All-on-8 procedure.  At this appointment, the surgeon will remove any hopeless teeth, place implants, and place bone grafts if needed, create an esthetic and functional fixed temporary teeth.   Many of our patients appreciates a single visit surgery approach to minimize discomfort. Patient can usually eat the same day with very little postoperative pain.

3. Postop visit after 1 week to remove stitches. 

4. 3-6 months later, the bone will grow hard around the implants (osseointegration period).  At this time, impression is made for final zirconia bridge.

5. Insertion of final zirconia bridge. 

Seven benefit of All-on-8 Immediate Loading Procedure - you get fixed teeth you can eat on the same day!

Dr.Chen has immense experience and technique in the All-on-8 immediate loading procedure with near 100% success rates.  Full arch Immediate loading is a technique-sensitive procedure in which only a very few dental implantologist can perform.  If done well, this procedure offers many advantages.

1. Less time.  - You will save time by having all the teeth removed and implants placed at the same visits. This procedure is especially suitable for out of state patients.

2. Less surgery - You will not need to do additional surgery, especially the second stage surgery which implants are uncovered from the gum.

3. Less pain - Less surgery means less pain for you.

4. Same day temporary teeth that can eat right away - Same day fixed temporary that functions similar to real teeth. Again, this will be fixed and you do not need to remove the temporary teeth every night. You should be able to eat all soft-normal food easily.

5. stronger bone - Studies have shown that when implants are immediately loaded, there will be stronger bone grown around the implants, which means the implants are more stable and can withstand more force compare to the tradtional approach (non-immediate loaded implants).

6. higher success rate - All-on-8 immediate loading actually have higher success rate.  Traditionally, after the implants are placed in patients without any teeth, patients are told to wear complete removable dentures.  By wearing dentures in the healing phase, it will cause many complications such as opening of wound, high chance of implant failures due to rubbing force on the implants, and higher chance of bone graft failure due to forces being applied to the dentures. Having the implants immediately loaded, you will avoid all these complications and thus have higher success rate.

7. Better cosmetic result - Because you have temporary teeth to look and function right away, you will 'test trial' your smile and changes can be made for a better final result.

What are All-on-6 and All-on-7 dental implant procedures?

All-on-six and All-on-seven dental implant procedure is similar to the all on 8 procedure but with 1 or 2 less implants.  This may be a candidate for some patients will wants to have a cheaper alternative.  However, not all patients are candidates because with reduced number of dental implants, there will frequently be a reduction in strength.

How our all-on-8 dental implants stand out from the crowd?

Many other dental offices also offer all-on-8 dental implants, but they do it the traditional way.  What makes us different?  Simply put, most other office's all-on-8 dental implant procedures are NOT immediately loaded.  Patients typically have all their teeth removed and was given a removable complete denture in which they cannot eat with, especially from the tender and swollen gums from the fresh extraction sites.  Patient will function with this removable complete denture for 4-6 months.  After 4-6 months, a surgery appointment is schedule to have their 8 implants placed in the mouth and then the patient need to wear the SAME removable complete denture again for 4-6 months.  Again, this cause more pain to the patient because the gums are still sore from the surgical procedure and makes the denture very painful to wear.  In addition, by wearing denture over buried dental implants will greatly cause increase in dental implant infection and failure due to dentures rubbing on the implants.  After another 4-6 months, patient are finally back to have their dental implants restored - many times, with less than ideal porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns.

Our office does it completely differently. We extract teeth, place implants, and make fixed temporary restorations in which patients can actually eat with the SAME DAY. The success way is much higher than the traditional way and because the implants are immediately loaded, studies shows that the bone actually grows stronger around those implants.  

Why do we choose to use zirconia crowns for all our implant restorations?

 BruxZir Solid Zirconia crown offers superior fracture toughness and exhibits flexural strength up to 1,465 MPa, making it ideal for enduring the functional stresses that implant crowns must stand. It is fabricated not with human hands, but with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, ensuring precise fit and a predictable result. Prosthesis offers exceptional resistance to chips and fractures which is the most common complication with the tradiational porcelain fused porcelain (PFM)crowns.  Please check video below to see how well bruxZir zirconia crowns can withstand  in the hammer test.


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